Applications - Ready-mixed concrete
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Märker Transportbeton offers concretes with appropriate properties for the relevant applications in concrete construction specified in EN 206-1 and the german norm DIN 1045-2. A large number of appropriate types of concrete have been designed with suitable properties for the construction work, such as consistency class, pumpability and strength development.

Corresponding exposure classes are specified in the concrete standard for the various requirements and ambient conditions. Individual concrete mix formulations have been developed for these applications in conformity with these classes.


Märker Transportbeton supplies the construction engineering and housing construction market. Most of the classical types of concrete are used in internal and external structural elements. In addition to the usual foundation structural elements, modern methods of construction, such as tanking without additional impervious layer, also require concrete with a high resistance to penetration by water.

There is a greater need in industrial construction for specific types of concrete to suit the structural and functional requirements. In this sector Märker supplies high strength concretes with durable resistance to environmental effects, such as freeze-thaw and de-icing agents, wear and chem


Concretes from Märker with resistances to chemical attack ranging from moderate to very severe are used in the agricultural sector.


Appropriate types of concrete for the different requirements listed in ZTV-ING (Detailed Technical Specifications for Civil Engineering Structures) have been formulated by Märker for civil engineering construction.


In certain structural elements, such as foundation slabs, the use of steel fibre concrete can save expensive and time-consuming working procedures when compared with conventional structural engineering. Märker has developed appropriate types of concrete, divided into fibre-reinforced concrete classes, for this purpose and verified their quality by suitability tests.


In addition to the areas already mentioned Märker also offers special concretes to meet the very varied demands arising on construction sites. The grades of fair-faced concrete are coordinated with the code of practice issued by the DBV (German Concrete Association). The time and costs associated with processing stages can be reduced by using readily compactable concretes in the F6 consistency class.