The extraction of mineral raw materials is undoubtedly initially associated with significant interventions in nature and landscape. However, it also offers unique opportunities for habitat and species protection by creating extreme habitat areas seldom found in today’s cultural landscape.

 As a responsible quarrying company, we have a close watch on these aspects by ensuring that a variety of different habitats subsists, that new opportunities are created before old ones are removed by proceeding quarrying activity, and that existing structures are carefully exploited, supported or protected.  During ongoing quarrying activity the impact of interference at our quarry sites can be compensated for, thereby actually reaching a higher state of nature protection at this stage than during post exploitation usage.     

 In our quarries we are pleased with the emergence of large populations of endangered species such as the yellow-bellied toad, the natter-jack toad, the blue-winged grasshopper or the eagle-owl. In recognition of our efforts we have been awarded "Amphibian-friendly Company" by the Landesbund für Vögel (LBV Bayern, a registered association for bird life protection in the state of Bavaria).

An absolute highlight is the occurrence of the Apollo butterfly (Red Apollo, Parnassius apollo) in the Herrlingen lime works. The Apollo butterfly is the only non-tropical butterfly that is protected worldwide under the Washington Convention on Endangered Species. In Baden-Württemberg there is only one larger population around 10 km away. During the recultivation of the quarry, a refuge tailored to the needs of the Apollo butterfly was created in close cooperation with the authorities and the Tränkle office. In 2017, the Apollo fall was spotted for the first time.


Award dedicated to MÄRKER: