Lime production


Overview (English version)

The material for producing lime is extracted in the quarry and comminuted in a primary crusher. The limestone is comminuted again by the secondary crusher in the screening tower and then divided into different rawstone fractions (fine and coarse stone).

The fine stone is comminuted, dried and divided into different fractions in the sand plant.

Fine and coars stone are taken as required from the kiln stone store for the burning process and burnt in the shaft kiln to form lump lime. The calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is converted into calcium oxide (CaO).

In the lump lime processing plant the burnt lime is crushed and divided into fractions in further production stages.

The lump lime is ground to fine white lime in the grinding plant.

White hydrated lime is produced in the slaking plant from fine white lime by the addition of water in the dry slaking process.

Different special products can be produced in the mixing plant. The lime products are dispatched to the customer in bulk form in silo tankers or as bagged products.