Applications - Quicklime

Quicklime from Märker is used in steel plants to form slag. It combines with the impurities and ensures a high grade of steel.

Märker supplies particularly high-grade lime for the production of PCC products that are used as fillers in the production of paper.

Because of its properties lime is used in various sectors of the chemical industry. It is used, for example, in the production of propylene oxide, as a neutralizing and precipitating product and in the production of citric acid and gelatine.

Lime products from Märker are used in drinking water treatment for water purification and softening and for adjusting the pH.

Lime from Märker is used in both municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants for precipitating heavy metals and phosphates, for adjusting the pH and acid capacity and for conditioning the sludge.

The removal of acid constituents, such as sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen fluoride, from flue gases using ground white quicklime, e.g. in the dry sorption process, is state of the art. Märker produces a ground white lime hydrate with a high volume yield for this application. In addition, Märker offers the special binder product Sorbalit®.

The diversity of possible uses of quicklime from Märker is evident in the construction and building materials industries. Ground white quicklime or white hydrated lime is a basic constituent in the production of sandlime bricks and aerated concrete blocks. Hydrated lime is an important binder in mortars and plasters.

Large quantities of ground white quicklime are often used, either alone or as a mixed binder (e.g. Duosoilit) with cement, in soil stabilization to dewater and consolidate clayey and silty soils.

In agriculture and forestry it is necessary to treat acidic and exhausted soils with mineral and alkaline fertilizers. Granular and ground quicklimes from Märker are natural, essential, resources in this situation. Lime is indispensable in fish farming as well as for disinfecting stables.