Applications - Cement

Märker cement is mainly used in concrete mixing plants to produce ready-mixed concrete. The fresh concrete is transported by concrete mixer trucks to the construction sites where it is poured into prepared formwork. With concrete pumps it is possible to use ready-mixed concrete from cellar to roof, making it one of today's indispensible building materials.

Märker supplies cement to manufacturers of precast elements for stairs, walls, ceilings, piles, etc. Turbolit ®, a high early strength cement, was developed by Märker specifically to optimise production operations.

The various types of cement produced by Märker are also used to manufacture concrete products often found on construction sites, such as paving stones, kerb stones and retaining wall blocks. Cement is also used to build concrete safety skid barriers.

Cement is also delivered in bags for convenient use on building sites. Bagged cement from Märker is particularly popular for the production of floor screeds.